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A simple boat
7 Aug 2014

Tags: none
480 views     Quality rating: -2
Mystical eye
6 Aug 2014

My first drawing on an ipad
Tags: none
508 views     Quality rating: -5
Passion plus curiosity
13 Dec 2010

Passion plus curiosity can outweigh intelligence
Tags: none
1,115 views     Quality rating: -1
How to draw a spider web
15 Jul 2010

Click on playback to watch the drawing. I admit, this drawing is not the most pretty, but you get the idea.
Tags: spider web draw howto
1,208 views     Quality rating: 7
Race car
28 Apr 2010

Tags: none
1,045 views     Quality rating: -5
Wireless in flight
20 Nov 2009

I can share drawings while flying.
Tags: none
1,146 views     Quality rating: -6
Drawfind concept
25 Oct 2009

You can draw, save your drawing, and share by email with the world.
Tags: draw, email, world, save
1,298 views     Quality rating: 15
Learn how to write Chinese characters
18 Oct 2009

You could use the playback feature of Drawfind for a tutorial on how to write Chinese characters - here, the word for 'sea port '.
Tags: chinese, sea port, Hai Kou
1,279 views     Quality rating: -17
Innovate through random stimulation
1 Oct 2009

Drawfind allows you to store drawings into lists and randomly compose larger images from these lists.
Tags: list, innovation
1,294 views     Quality rating: 5
Lift off
27 Sep 2009

Tags: none
1,236 views     Quality rating: -3
Happy Train
27 Sep 2009

Do you know this train? What is his name?
Tags: train,engine
1,584 views     Quality rating: 28
Gravity compensation
27 Sep 2009

Exercise: Figure out the relationship between a,b,c, and k such that the sphere moves as if free of gravity.
Tags: physics,mechanics,inverted pendulum
1,290 views     Quality rating: -13
26 Sep 2009

Let the sun shine on you.
Tags: none
1,873 views     Quality rating: 37

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