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Privacy Policy

Drawfind allows easy sharing of self-made drawings over the Internet. Thus, Drawfind relies on your participation, and we try our best to make to this participation rewarding and safe.

The information we collect

When you enter, your computer's IP address will be collected. On the sign-up page, you provide your first name, last name, email address, a username and a password. Whenever you sign up or sign in, your log-in date will be recorded and stored. If you choose to save or share a drawing, it will be saved in our database, together with a title, description, tags, and the date of creation. For the quality votes on drawings, we store a list of all the drawings you voted for.

Respectful treatment of private information

We treat the information you provide to us respectfully. We do not share such information to third parties without your consent, and we make this information public available only as far as it is part of our service.

Responsible sharing of information

Your are responsible for the information you share. Any drawing and its description may be viewed by any person in the world. When you share a drawing, your first name, last name, and email address will be visible in the email send to the recipients you want to share with.

Control of privacy for your drawings

You can control the privacy of each of your drawings: you have the choice between "public" and "private" - which can be set on your "My drawings" page. Public drawings are accessible to anyone in the world through the "Public drawings" page and your drawing wall at Private drawings are visible only to those knowing the image's 148-bit key. This key is randomly generated and almost impossible to guess (chance 1:1044). When sharing a drawing, its key will be visible to the receiver. Thus, be aware that this key may get distributed beyond your control. By default, drawings are set as "private".

Privacy of emails

We dislike spam and understand that your email address is valuable. Thus, we do not share your email with any third party. You may receive shared drawings through the email address you provided during sign-up, and we may send you information about our service.

Password security

We care about the safety of your password. After you enter a password, it will be automatically encrypted on our server. We never store your password in plain text. Thus, even the administrator of our database cannot read your password.

For users outside the US

You agree that the information you provide is transferred to and stored on computers within the US.

No safety guarantees

We do our best to keep your information safe. No where in the world, however, it is possible to store information 100% safe. Thus, we cannot guarantee the safe storage of information that you provide.

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